Babies very first photo shoot

Newborns are my favourite subjects to photograph. I feel honoured to have each and every opportunity to document the astonishing new lives. There is nothing more joyful than those photos of a new baby. Fuzzy hair, tiny toes, every lovable wrinkle and the softness of newborn skin Along with this, my goal is to catch those amazing memories of when you first met in a comfortable relaxed environment. By choosing to book a newborn photography session you can capture those tiny details, cute newborn poses and special family moments for you to look back with overwhelming love in years to come.
Your baby’s safety is my top priority. Nothing will be done to put your baby at risk at any time. The images you see where baby is in a tub are done using clever editing trickery to avoid putting your baby in harm's way. Some set ups and poses will involve your giving me a helping hand to keep baby safe.
Please notice, the best time to photograph a newborn is 5-14 days old, the earlier the better (5-8 days is awesome). Those first days will give me the best chance to get those sleepy and sweet moments. After that point they may be more irritable in front of the camera, more alert - less sleepy, harder to pose. Your little one will change very quickly so it is even more important to capture those first days of your baby’s life. As a mom I realize this is an exciting, but possibly hectic and sleep-deprived time, so I hope you know I appreciate you sharing your time and new addition with me this early.
However do not despair if you have a baby a little older than this and you have only just discovered the art of newborn photography. I have posed babies up to 10 weeks with success, although with older babies it may take a little longer. The finished shots will be worth it!
The session is a very calm, slow and gentle. Your baby is in charge...and l cannot make a baby do what he doesn't want to the session involves lots of quiet gentle soothing to get the best poses. I never rush a session and one of my newborn shoots lasted over four hours. I understand that the baby will need to stop for feeding and changing and also that he/she may just get a bit cranky and need a cuddle.

It’s never to early too book newborn session. Because your baby’s birth is unpredictable, I will pre-book you a provisional appointment which we can arrange when your baby arrives. The booking just gives me an idea of when he or she is likely to arrive. Once you have had your baby, you then need to contact me as soon as you can so that we can get your photo session arranged at a convenient time.

You will need to bring plenty of milk, more is better than not enough as baby will probably feed more than usual during the session. Spare nappies, wipes and of course dummies. Dummies are great for setting babies - you don't have to use it longterm but they are an amazing help in studio and can be disposed of after the day. I can supply all clothing and props, but am also happy to use special clothing or props you may wish to bring along. I have an extensive range of props and backgrounds to which I am constantly adding new items. I recommend that you also bring a change of clothes to your newborn session. The room is kept really warm so that your newborn is comfortable naked, so you will most likely be very hot. It is quite common for little accidents to happen with a naked baby, so a spare tee shirt may come handy!

If possible try and keep little one awake before the session. Our aim is for baby to fall into a deep sleep throughout the session and keeping baby active and feeding just before will encourage this.

Babies, toddlers and families

As a mum myself I know how important it is to get great looking photographs of your children. They grow up so fast and you can never get that time back again. I love working with children of all ages, from newborns through to teens. My goal is to create a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere, such that your child feels at ease. I have learned that this is the key to natural looking pictures. I understand that some of them may feel self conscious standing in front of a stranger who's pointing a camera at them, that's why I always give an extra time to play around, making the shot a fun experience. I have to mention about my a lovely daughter Bianca, who very often helps my models feel relaxed and enjoyed whole experience.

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